Migrating from 14.04 to 16.04 Ubuntu server

Yep, finally did it.
Started the migration of my personal server.
Broke a lot of stuff, fixed even more, and there is more work to do.

I’m really surprised how fast is PHP 7,
and how HTTP2 module on Nginx 1.10.0 makes a lot od difference.
I also moved from 64-bit to 32-bits. Doubt that I’ll ever use 4+ gigs of RAM on my DigitalOcean instance.

There is one thing still bothering me. On old server sendmail works, on new one I wasn’t able to make it work. Google just ‘ignores’ my mail.
I’ll probably try with another MTA.

Finished investigating what has to be done for windows forms mono port

A quick write before I lay down and go to sleep.

An application that I was playing around with is happily running inside hyper-V linux Mint machine.
Suprisingly I tried on two differend linux distributions (Ubuntu and Mint).
You probably wonder why? What’s the reason? Well, l2tp ipsec is not working on latest Ubuntu 16.04. Linux Mint on the other hand has no issue with that VPN. And I needed the tunnel to my work place to test ported application.

New stuff that I learned:
* System Beep is not working 🙂
* StopWatch was bringing down the whole application.

Playing with porting Windows Forms application to MONO

So, today I began to port an old .NET 2.0 windows forms application to Linux. Interesting experience during which I learned a few things.

  1. Don’t use pre-build and post-build CMD scripts.
  2. Special folders like %APPDATA% are Windows only.
  3. If you are using web browser control you will need to replace it.
  4. Getting stuff from registry is also not happening (there is none on linux).
  5. Latest version of Monodevelop is targeting .NET framework 4.5

I stopped with porting because latest version of Ubuntu 16.04 does not support l2tp/IPSEC. And I need to tunnel to work to test it out completely.