Free tier SVN on dev-xp is going away

I recieved an email from that they are shutting down their free tier. And I tought; Is that still alive and kicking?

So I went through all of the ussual things you go on a site you don’t visit that often. Yes, I forgot my password; No, I don’t recall which e-mail I used during initial registration.

And so after some time, you gain access and it just kick you… Long time ago people used SVN and it was not great, not terrible. This is on SVN and I need SVN client; I do recall using TortoiseSVN, but I’m not in a mood to install it; So I just looked around where can I get just the binaries. SlikSVN offered a solution.

Magic checkout command

PS \Apache-Subversion-1.12.2\bin> .\svn.exe checkout backup --username [USERNAME]

After that you provide a password and viola!

What a trip down memory lane;

Is this how it looked like?

Yup, it was awesome; people registered for tae-kwon-do competitions; and everythign worked. There was a small backoffice where you were able manage all the details. After registration was closed it even generated .csv file that you imported into another application. It was old .new 2.0 windows form application, I wonder where is that laying around.

Petar Šlat
Petar Šlat
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