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Homelab Series

Idea behind Homelab series is to describe how to easily setup multiple hyper-v machines for your homelab. People ussualy buy and setup multiple raspberry PI to learn. That is awesome, sometimes cumbersome and also expensive. This solution assumes you already have a strong desktop PC with lot of RAM and free HDD space. If you are lacking in RAM department for around 80 Euros you can get 16 Gigs of RAM.

Preparing for Presentation on Ansible

Started to explore Academic talk and slides feature. Currently I just enabled it to see how it looks. Really like it because when reveiving the talk I always expect to find slides on presenter blog page. Hope to have something more this weekend.

Free tier SVN on dev-xp is going away

I recieved an email from that they are shutting down their free tier. And I tought; Is that still alive and kicking? So I went through all of the ussual things you go on a site you don’t visit that often. Yes, I forgot my password; No, I don’t recall which e-mail I used during initial registration. And so after some time, you gain access and it just kick you… Long time ago people used SVN and it was not great, not terrible.

How to Setup Hugo and Github Pages

As I have promised in a tweet to Edgar here is short explanation on how to setup Hugo and Academic theme. You will have it by the end of the weekend — Petar Šlat (@pekiZG) October 24, 2019 Below you can find TLDR; descriptions. Download and install GIT For windows you can get it from here: After a few next, next clicks you will have Git installed. Congratz!

The move

Create a beautifully simple website in under 10 minutes.

Recent & Upcoming Talks

WIP: Ansible part one

This is currently WIP for December 2019/ January 2020 Zagreb DevOps Meetup. If I figure out that the topic does not fit in 15-20 minutes it will be broken appart In this talk we will demonstrated ansible-lint, molecule and integration with Rundeck And, in the end I have decided to make it multi part (15-20 minutes) TODO: ansible-lint Ansible Molecule rundeck integration

Software engineer / SRE / DevOps

Sunhill Technologies


Petar Šlat is technology promiscuous person with interest in everything tied to code. Loves to attend monthly local meetup groups. In his spare time he plays around in his home lab where he is testing out new tools and technologies.


  • Automation
  • DevOps / SRE
  • Embeded
  • Microservices


  • Master of information technologies, 2012-2015

    Polytechnic of Zagreb, Polytechnic of Zagreb (Graduate professional study)

  • Bachelor (baccalareus) of Engineering in Computing, 2010-2012

    Polytechnic of Zagreb, Polytechnic of Zagreb (Undergraduate professional study)

  • Computing / Software Engineering, 2003-2010

    Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing, University of Zagreb (Undergraduate study)


Machine Learning

Currently refreshing my knowledge on Logistic Regression, Artificial Neural Network, Machine Learning (ML) Algorithms, Machine Learning.

Speaker on a mobile cup challenge competition

Short lecture on Web API 2 and Apache Cordova.



Software engineer / SRE / DevOps

Sunhill Technologies

Jun 2016 – Present Erlangen (Germany)

Responsibilities include:

  • Analysing
  • Modelling
  • Deploying

Software Developer

minus5 LTD

Apr 2014 – Jun 2016 Zagreb (Croatia)
Web programming, Desktop programming, Backend services development, Improving legacy systems to newer technologies while respecting current capabilities, Client support, Resolvement of on call incident situations.

Software developer and analyst,

Possimus IT LTD / Compliant Risk Technology LLC

Apr 2013 – Apr 2014 Zagreb (Croatia)
Web programming, programming of computer systems, administration of computer systems, Adaptation and modification off the shelf eCommerce solutions.



Jun 2004 – Present Zagreb (Croatia)
Random scripting and server maintenance.