Homelab Series

Idea behind Homelab series is to describe how to easily setup multiple hyper-v machines for your homelab.

People ussualy buy and setup multiple raspberry PI to learn. That is awesome, sometimes cumbersome and also expensive. This solution assumes you already have a strong desktop PC with lot of RAM and free HDD space. If you are lacking in RAM department for around 80 Euros you can get 16 Gigs of RAM. That is around the price of one Raspbery PI 4 after you get all the other things you need for it (case, power supply, memory card, etc…) And if you are in a need of some quick SSD drive for around 50 Euros you coud get WD Blue or Samsung EVO with 250 Gigs.

I really think this solution is more flexibile then acquiring 4 Raspberry PIs and all accompanying equipment (Lan cabels, Lan switch, multiple memory cards + other things for raspberry PIs)

Create hyper-v machines

We are going to go through quick creation.

  1. Download new Ubuntu server .iso image
  2. Create new hyper-v virtual machine
    • For quicker installation give at lease 2 Virtual CPUs and 4 Gigs of RAM, you can change the machine settings later

We are going to create 5 virtual machines. One master machine, and 4 minions.

Hostname Virtual CPU RAM (GB) HDD (GB)
control 2 8 32
node01 1 2 8
node02 1 2 8
node03 1 2 8
node04 1 2 8

Idea is to use control machine and connect to it via Visual Studio Code to manage it more easily.

Petar Šlat
Petar Šlat
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My current interests are in automation and optimiztions in computing. Slow is smooth, Smooth is fast.