Homelab Series

Idea behind Homelab series is to describe how to easily setup multiple hyper-v machines for your homelab. People ussualy buy and setup multiple raspberry PI to learn. That is awesome, sometimes cumbersome and also expensive. This solution assumes you already have a strong desktop PC with lot of RAM and free HDD space. If you are lacking in RAM department for around 80 Euros you can get 16 Gigs of RAM.

Preparing for Presentation on Ansible

Started to explore Academic talk and slides feature. Currently I just enabled it to see how it looks. Really like it because when reveiving the talk I always expect to find slides on presenter blog page. Hope to have something more this weekend.

Free tier SVN on dev-xp is going away

I recieved an email from that they are shutting down their free tier. And I tought; Is that still alive and kicking? So I went through all of the ussual things you go on a site you don’t visit that often. Yes, I forgot my password; No, I don’t recall which e-mail I used during initial registration. And so after some time, you gain access and it just kick you… Long time ago people used SVN and it was not great, not terrible.

How to Setup Hugo and Github Pages

As I have promised in a tweet to Edgar here is short explanation on how to setup Hugo and Academic theme. You will have it by the end of the weekend — Petar Šlat (@pekiZG) October 24, 2019 Below you can find TLDR; descriptions. Download and install GIT For windows you can get it from here: After a few next, next clicks you will have Git installed. Congratz!

The move

Create a beautifully simple website in under 10 minutes.

Continue Your Download When Internet Connection Breaks Down

It’s been a long time since I last used a really unstable internet connection. Currently my home internet speed is quicker and more stable that the one on my current job. Here is the situation that I found myself in. Because all the people at my job share a 15/15 Megabit per second up/down link the internet is really slow and breaks all the time. I won’t even go into why do I have to open up a VPN on a local network that should be trusted.

Implemented TCP protocol into Statsd C# Client

I have been working on TCP protocol implementation for Statsd C# Client. It’s a nice package and at the time of writing it has been downloaded 34,668 times according to Nuget gallery. This nuget package is interesting because it’s working with .NET 2.0 and onwards. And at my current place of work we still use Visual Studio 2008 for one legacy project. Guess which .NET version it’s usng? We had problems with UDP packets being lost so I made a TCP implementation and did a Pull Request.

How to setup InfluxDB, Chronograf and Telegraf for development

InfluxDB, Chronograf and Telegraf are part of TICK stack from InfluxData. To install it on Ubuntu you could use apt-get package manager, or install it via .deb package. I prefer the second method. You can find install instructions on their download page. After installation there are two config files you have to change a little to make things work. First one is located in /opt/chronograf/ under name ‘config.toml’. Inside you have to expose Chronograf to public internet (see picture).

How to setup Ubuntu on Hyper-V machine

First we are going to download new Ubuntu image. Lets see what are recommended system requirements. 2 GHz dual core processor or better 2 GB system memory 25 GB of free hard drive space Either a DVD drive or a USB port for the installer media Internet access is helpful Open a Hyper-V manager and create a new Virtual machine with above requirements. Be sure to disable Secure Boot option if you choose to use 2nd generation of virtual machine.

Ditto copy/paste manager

I use this tool on a daily base. Can’t imagine how I worked without it. It’s a little tool that sits in your tray and waits on you to copy stuff. From images to text. Everything is saved and later (few clicks and copy and paste later) you can search for it and paste it again. Ditto I think it’s a kind of tool that boosts your productivity.